The Wizard Magic Truffle

Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful world and experience the powers of this new magical truffle. Specially selected for 24High, we proudly present "The Wizard" a truffle that takes you to unprecedented pleasure. This wizard takes you to a world full of magic and mesmerizing visual effects. The Wizard is one of the strongest truffles available, so we only recommend them for experienced psychonauts.

Effects of The Wizard Magic Truffle

The fact that the Wizard Truffle gives a strong trip is due to the high psilocybin content. This creates strong visual effects. You will come to new colorful philosophical insights after you have taken the The Wizard Truffles. This Wizard will open up a magical world for you that comes with a big high and a strong visual trip. This trip takes a long time and can therefore be experienced as very intense. Truffles show you the world in a different way. This is not only about the world around you but also the world within you. It is an inner journey that will give you new insights.

Trip dosing schedule magic truffles

This dose is for people who want to get acquainted with psilocybin truffles for the first time. If you already have experience with psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms, you can increase the dose as desired. 

                     Light trip Mild trip Heavy trip 

  • 50 kilos = 5 grams 6,7 grams 11,2 grams
  • 60 kilos = 6 grams 8 grams 13,4 grams
  • 70 kilos = 7 grams 9,3 grams 15,6 grams
  • 80 kilos = 8 grams 10,6 grams 17,8 grams
  • 90 kilos = 9 grams 11,9 grams 20 grams
  • 100 kilos = 10 grams 13,5 grams 22,2 grams

For a light trip, increase the dose by +/- 0,1 gram per kilo of body weight, for example: 51 kilo = 5,1 gram
For a Mild trip you increase the dose with +/- 0,13/15 grams per kilo of body weight, for example: 51 kilos = 6,85 grams
For a heavy trip you increase the dose by +/- 0,22 grams per kilo of body weight, for example: 51 kilos = 11,42 grams

The Origin of The Wizard Magic Truffle

Truffles are a natural product. They are created in the mycelium as a kind of reserve of nutrients for the mushroom (fruit). This compact and hard form of mycelium (Truffle) supports the mushroom to still emerge when the climate is not favorable for flowering. The sclerotium (Truffle) therefore contains the same substances as a magic mushroom. They grow in the free world of nature, but now they are also grown in specially equipped breeding facilities. The cultivation of The Wizard Truffles takes place in our beautiful country, the Netherlands.

Which active ingredient is in The Wizard Magic Truffle?

Truffles contain the active ingredient Psilocybin. Psilocybin is converted in the body into psilocin, a substance responsible for the hallucinatory effect. The Wizard Truffles contain more than an average amount of psilocybin. This substance has an effect on the serotonin balance in the brain. Psilocin, this provides a 'magical' influence on this serotonin household. This creates the well-known hallucinogenic trip with the associated effects. This is also the reason they are called magic truffles. The Wizard Truffles are of the species Psilocybe Wizardo.

Magic Truffles contain the following nutritional values ​​per 100 grams:


  • Energy 464,7 kJ
  • Energy 110,5 kcal
  • Carbohydrates 13,2 grams
  • Protein 5,3 grams
  • Fat 0,4 grams
  • Dietary fiber 16,7 grams
  • Salt (NaCl) 0,3 grams
  • Vitamin D 10,0 IU
  • Sodium (Na) 13,6mg
  • Phosphorus (P) 169,3 mg
  • Potassium (K) 210,0 mg
  • Calcium (Ca) 12,5mg
  • Iron (F) 0,7 mg

How do you use The Wizard Magic Truffle?

It is preferable to eat this new type of truffles in steps. Especially when you use it for the first time. Therefore, first take half a dose of the truffles to test your reaction. You will notice that after about XNUMX minutes the active substance psilocin will take effect. At that moment you decide whether you want to eat more truffles or whether this is enough for a strong visual trip. Choose to use the truffles in a quiet and familiar environment. We recommend that you always have a trip sitter nearby. Truffles work best on an empty stomach. Ensure optimal effect by chewing the The Wizard Truffles well and long before you swallow them.

You can also choose to make tea from it. To do this, place the cut truffles in hot water (20 degrees) for 65 minutes and let it steep. 

Saving The Wizard Magic Truffle

If you decide not to eat the truffles immediately, you can keep them. If you keep the The Wizard Truffles cool and dry, you can often keep them for at least a month. The ideal temperature is between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. Be sure to check the expiration date on the packaging to see how long they can be kept.

Buy your The Wizard Truffles

The Wizard Truffles are always in stock here with us and very easily available online. All types of truffles are fresh, good quality and well vacuum-packed. Order The Wizard Truffles online here and be surprised by our magical Truffles. All our products are packaged well and discreetly and with a fast delivery time.

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