The effects can be both stimulating and sedative and can last for many hours. It is widely used in therapeutic doses as a pain reliever, mood enhancer and in helping people suffering from opiate withdrawal.

Kratom 20x extracts a strong form of Kratom. It is so potent that just half a gram of it can cause visible effects in a body. Kratom extracts can provide extra strength and effects. It is dry and has an excellent appearance, like talcum powder. Easy to mix with a drink or put it in gel capsules.

Just half a gram of 20x Kratom extract can already have sufficient effects in the body. The effects usually start to appear within 5 to 15 minutes of taking the extract. 20x Kratom extract can stimulate pain at smaller doses. The mind becomes clear and can think well without any hindrance.

Kratom 20x extract provides strong energy and reduces fatigue. It produces a powerful desire to work and increases the overall happiness level.

Sedation is another important effect of the 20x extract. To achieve a calming state of mind, a larger dose is needed. It can put the mind to sleep and even cure certain sleep disorders, such as insomnia.


1 gram of 20x Kratom extract is equivalent to 20 grams of dried Kratom leaves, it is recommended to consume this product from the lowest possible dose. Usage should always start with 0,3 to 1 gram of this extract.

The dosage should gradually increase over time. In most cases, one gram of 20x extract is consumed, which can be supplemented later by consuming 0,5 gram more. If the effects do not occur after taking one gram, the dose should be increased to 2 grams.

Small doses of kratom are more exciting and energetic, clearing an individual's thoughts with higher concentration, including an increase in energy. High doses of kratom have more narcotic and sedative effects. It relieves tension in the body and helps to relax the muscles.


Do not use kratom regularly to avoid tolerance. Do not use kratom if you are pregnant, nursing, or if you have cardiovascular, liver, and kidney disease.

Avoid kratom if you have diabetes or if you are taking MAO inhibitors. Do not use it if you are working with machines. Note that the recommended dose should not be exceeded.

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