Indian Spirit – Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) – 50G Shredded

Humans seem to have the innate urge to seek out and consume mind-altering plants. And there are many of them, including wild dagga.

Wild dagga is known by the scientific name Leonotis leonurus. It is a plant native to southern Africa. This herb is sometimes compared to cannabis because of the effects it has when smoked.

Wild dagga is found in abundance in its natural habitat of moist grasslands. Specimens can grow up to 2 m high and 1 m wide. It is known for its attractive appearance and is sometimes used as a decorative plant. She has a bright orange blossom and a spiky crown.

Leonotis Leonurus induces a mildly euphoric, soothing sensation. It can also induce a gentle buzz and help increase feelings of relaxation and comfort. It doesn't hit as potently as cannabis and takes some time to build up in strength with use.

Use this product in a vaporizer. The optimum temperature is between 150°C and 175°C (302°F and 347°F).

    : 50 grams of chopped herb

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