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High Octane Spanish Fly is a popular aphrodisiac that gives great sexual potency as a love potion. High Octane Spanish Fly is only for naughty men and women who want to get a little naughtier. While experimenting, it has been discovered that pollen stimulates the production of the aphrodisiac hormone. Pollen is roughly the plant equivalent of sperm cells, which come from the stamens of flowers. This explains the craving that arises when the right proportion of pollen is taken. Not the mind but the human body reacts by longing for procreation.

Content: 10 ml

Do not use in case of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, kidney and/or urinary tract disorders, diabetes, enlarged prostate, when using medication and/or MAO inhibitors. Do not combine with other stimulants. When in doubt, always consult your doctor

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