The use of Chaga has a rich history. This mushroom has acquired an appropriate name during its thousands-year-old relationship with humans. He is called 'the king of the forest'. In areas such as Siberia, China and Scandinavia, Chaga has an almost divine status. In America Chaga is called 'the king of herbs'. Chaga deserved these nicknames in our opinion. Chaga is not a mushroom as you think you know it, namely with a stem and cap. Chaga is a so-called sclerotium which is very hard. To make the countless healthy substances from Chaga available to you, we use a high-tech, 3-fold extraction procedure (just like we do for all our mushrooms). Part of this procedure is an ultrasound-frequency extraction technique. As a result, the full spectrum of vital substances from Chaga is present in the extracts of Foodspores. Our Chaga liquid extract is standardized to a whopping 30% polysaccharides!  
Enriched Chaga extract; 
- Helps in the normal functioning of the immune system 
- Contributes to healthy cell division 
- Is important for the formation of red blood cells 
The container (the dropper bottle) in which you will receive your liquid extract is made of high-quality MIRON® Violetglass and is fully reusable. MIRON glass protects the product against harmful UV radiation, so that the nutrients in the liquid remain optimally protected and the shelf life significantly improves! The jar is also dishwasher safe!          
Number of doses:  
30 ml: 60 doses for 30 days 
50 ml: 100 doses for 50 days 
100 ml: 200 doses for 100 days 
Product information  
Per 10 drops: %RDA 
Chaga 200mg 
Vitamin D3 1,5μg 15% 
Half a pipette twice a day. Spread the intake over the day for maximum bioavailability. Do not take with carbonated drinks over medicines.  
Suitable for: 

Not suitable for: 
During pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or an allergy to one of the ingredients. If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist.  
Foodspores® Chaga liquid extract
 has been specially developed to supplement your daily diet with the healthy nutrients of the Hericium erinaceus mushroom, which can be freely absorbed by the body. 
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), Aqua, Alcohol, Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 

alc. 20% Vol 

Due to the legislation surrounding supplements, we are unfortunately not allowed to provide (complete) information about this product.

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