Kanna Extract 40X from Mystic Herbs is the most potent concentrate available. A small amount can already have strong effects. Kanna originates from Africa and has been used by indigenous tribes for millennia. The drug was then used to combat thirst, fatigue and hunger. Today it is mainly used to improve mood. It also reduces anxiety, stress and tension. An ideal product that is very useful for all kinds of inconveniences.

Effects of Kanna

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is known to improve your mood. You can reduce anxiety, stress and tension with it. In a moderate dose, Kanna induces euphoria and has a stimulating effect. In a higher dose it has a sedative (calming) effect.

You can't argue with the taste, but we have heard from several customers that 40x Kanna Extract is not the tastiest smart drug. The taste is bitter and earthy. Some say that kanna tastes slightly like salmiak. You have to go through it.

Operation of Kanna

A small dose of kanna 40x extract from Mystic Herbs provides relief from anxiety and stress. Insecurities, inhibitions and feelings of inferiority diminish or disappear. Some users experience a sense of meditative calm and the ability to better focus on the inner thoughts. Also, when used, there is often an increased appreciation of the beauty of nature.

Kanna . user manual

Our own experience shows that sniffing this 40x Kanna extract works best. A knife point is sufficient. Making tea or smoking Kanna is also possible. Especially for tea you need much more to feel and experience the effects of Kanna.

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