Our Cannabis oil is labeled as premium CBD oil. This CBD oil is made in the Netherlands with 56.1% CBD paste that contains less than 0,04% THC. In addition to CBD, the oil contains 9 other cannabinoids and 15 terpenes. You can read more about that in our test reports.

Our CBD oil is extracted from specially cultivated hemp using high-quality C02 equipment. This hemp is known for its high-quality CBD and also contains more cannnabinoids and terpenes. It is precisely the synergy of these substances, the collaboration of cannabinoids and terpenes that is important for the beneficial effect. This effect is also known as the 'Entourage Effect'.

We mix the pure CBD paste with pure organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil. A conscious choice, because the bio-absorbability of these two combinations is higher. In addition, this oil is less sensitive to the digestive tract. Our CBD oil is much purer than that of most CBD suppliers. We do not use CBD crystals to bring up percentages in the oil. Note that many other companies do, and you can react strange. This high quality is also reflected in the gold-coppery color. That is why we call our CBD oil Premium CBD oil.

We assure you that we only use the best quality raw materials, so that when you use it you can be sure that you are dealing with a premium product.

*In the Netherlands, CBD products are freely available as dietary supplements. In Belgium cannabis oils are not allowed for internal use.

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