The seeds of the Argyreia nervosa ivy are rich in LSA, a substance with a long shamanic history. LSA induces a psychedelic experience in many people. Psychedelic means: you start hallucinating, you get illusions and you sometimes also experience distorted ideas about reality or your self-image.

The special Hawaiian Baby Woodrose comes from the Indian subcontinent, but is now grown in places all over the world, including Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean. The rare seeds of the plant possess mind-altering properties, but unlike many other seeds and plants, these properties have not been discovered by the natives. Yet it is the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose that has the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds.


  • LSA is a chemical analogue of the synthetic LSD.
  • Nausea and other stomach upsets are quite common after ingesting Hawaiian baby woodrose. This is not caused by the LSA; other substances in the seeds are responsible for this. Some users therefore choose to extract the LSA from the seeds. The substance is found in a number of plants and fungi, but Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is probably the most popular source. The use of this substance has been documented throughout history by many different cultures, including the Aztecs.
  • 'Does LSA make you hallucinate too?' is a question we are regularly asked. Well, these Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds do indeed produce visual changes, but they are much more potent than its big brother LSD.


  • Remove any remaining skins and crush the seeds as finely as possible with a knife or scissors. They can also be ground with a coffee grinder.
  • Place the crushed seeds in a cup and pour over some hot (but not boiling) water.
  • Let it stand for at least 1½ hours before straining.
  • Drink the liquid first, preferably on an empty stomach, and eat the pulp half an hour later (or just throw it away).
  • Take 4 to 5 seeds for a visionary experience that lasts about 8 hours.



  • Driving or performing other tasks is therefore strongly discouraged after using LSA.

    Content: 10 seeds

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