Why CBD has become more and more popular in recent years

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Waarom CBD de laatste jaren steeds populairder wordt

In recent years, the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) has increased significantly.

Found in the cannabis plant, this compound has infiltrated society as an effective natural treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions. Most people now know CBD and the health benefits it provides.

With this widespread awareness, forecasts show that the global CBD market could hit the $2024 billion mark by 20. But why has the popularity of CBD increased so much? Below, we examine the main factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of CBD in recent years:

Adoption of CBD oil by other industries

Part of the reason CBD is everywhere is because it is used by other industries. The compound is increasingly being used to develop various products. Aside from the medical industry, CBD has made its way into other industries such as vaping, cosmetics, food and beverage, as well as pets.

Companies in these industries are increasingly trying to take advantage of the benefits of this compound by incorporating it into their products. In the cosmetics industry, several companies have already launched a range of products containing CBD oil. These companies market these products in line with the proven benefits of CBD for skin health.

In the food and beverage space, coffee shops add CBD oil to hot drinks and protein shakes. Breweries also sell beers infused with CBD oil. This widespread adoption of CBD oil has encouraged more people to take CBD oil, leading to increased interest in the compound.

In the pet industry, the use of CBD oil to treat common health problems in dogs and cats has increased. CBD oil administration to pets has become so popular as more people are starting to give their dogs CBD oil-infused edibles.

Legalization of CBD products

The legal framework for CBD has changed significantly since 2018, with several countries now legalizing CBD products such as CBD oil. For example, in the US at the end of 2018, the Farm Bill decriminalized CBD oil at the federal level.

In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration made a groundbreaking decision when it approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug. The FDA has approved this drug to treat Dravet syndrome, a life-threatening type of epilepsy that develops in childhood. Thus, this decision reinforced the idea that CBD-based drugs are effective and credible, which has contributed to the growing popularity of CBD.

Growing Evidence of CBD Efficacy

For a long time, the potency of CBD was based on anecdotal evidence obtained from a sample of studies. The availability of in-depth research on CBD oil has largely involved animal research in laboratory settings. This caused many people to see CBD oil as a product that had little effect on humans.

However, this has changed significantly in recent years. There is a growing body of research that disproves previous theories about CBD and proves its effectiveness in addressing a wide variety of health problems. For example, data available from the National Institute of Health shows that CBD oil is effective in treating anxiety and insomnia in children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Studies have also shown that CBD has antidepressant effects due to its ability to act on serotonin receptors in the brain that regulate social behavior and moods. This scientific evidence about the efficacy of CBD in treating various health problems in humans has fueled its popularity in recent years.

Increased influencer interest in CBD 

Traditionally, influencers eschew controversial products. Therefore, CBD products were not advertised on social media platforms before. However, this is quickly changing. In 2019, there were a large number of influencers willing to partner with companies developing CBD oil products to promote them in the market. This move has been instrumental in taking CBD's popularity to the next level, even now in 2020. 


Products that help people solve their problems are rapidly gaining popularity. This is what is happening with CBD. Just a few years ago, CBD products were unknown to many people. However, as proof of their efficacy in treating medical problems such as epilepsy, pain relief and mental disorders, the demand for CBD products has grown exponentially.

This evidence is increasingly convincing governments to legalize CBD use in their jurisdictions and gain approval from relevant regulatory bodies. These factors contribute to the popularity of CBD around the world. As more industries start developing CBD products, it will be interesting to see how much the CBD market grows in the coming years. 

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